Saturday, July 3, 2010

Missing 36000 stories

COMMENT: In June 2008 ABC News produced 10.275 stories per staff member. For June 2010 they managed just 7.074. This is a reduction of over 31% in the quantity of news stories in just 2 years. In real terms  this means ABC News produced 3017 less stories in June this year than would have been produced had they maintained 2008 production figures. OVER 3000 LESS! That makes over 36,000 less news stories this year!
ABC News: doing less with more thus leaving its audience more and more mis-informed as the years pass by.
We invite ABC News to comment on the figures and explain where the missing news has gone.

It's not like interesting news stories are hard to find. Here's a small sample of stories ABC have missed so far this year...
Missing News: Oxburgh Inquiry-science was not the subject of our study
Missing News: Where's Watts Up With That
Missing News: Palaeoproterozoic fossils push back the age for multicellular life.
Missing News: Urban Heat Island effect at Laverton, VICTORIA
Missing News: Butterfly claims debunked
More missing news: No depth to ABC coverage of Oxburgh Report
Missing News - Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation accounts for changes in Swiss Glaciers
Missing News on Polar Bears
Missing News - Royal Society to revise climate message
Missing News: Cretaceous Extinctions: Evidence Overlooked
ABC miss the scoop for the poop
Missing News: ABC receives Gold Walkley for climate change reporting
Missing News - Study falsifies IPCC: Climate has low sensitivity to CO2
Missing News: More Curry for IPCC
Missing News: Homeopathy-no effects beyond placebo
Missing News: Wind contributing to Arctic sea ice loss, study finds
Missing News: Wong 'fully duped" according to climate researcher
 More missing News: World may not be warming
Missing News: Censorship at AGU: scientists denied the right of reply
Missing News: Medieval Warm Period similar to Modern Warm Period
Missing News: No change in Global Tropical storm days due to Global Warming - Report
More missing news: UAE accused of misleading UK Parliament
Jones' BBC Interview missing in action-reports no warming since 1995

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