Tuesday, July 27, 2010

in the MSM

The Media Diary Blog in Yesterday's Australian caught our eye...
More people say less
IN January, Melbourne-based media commentator Margaret Simons ruffled feathers when she said the ABC, with 900 journalists, doesn’t break much news. The Australian said much the same in a fiery editorial on Saturday.
But how to quantify such a thing? Another media commentator, Marc Hendrickx, has had a go on his website, ABC News Watch. He says the total number of stories posted in the ABC new archive for June 2010 was 6666 (compared with 7230 in 2003, and 7999 in 2007). By contrast, the number of staff in 2003 was 766, compared with about 942 today. He says: “Productivity is at a record low of just 7.07 stories per staff member for the month (compared with 9.4 stories per month in 2003).”
See the results of the Productivity Survey HERE

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