Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ABC News 24 a black hole

COMMENT: According to The Australian  ABC pledges improvements to 24-hour news

Prior to News 24, ABC News Radio was already providing an effective 24 hour news service, and it was always possible for important breaking news to be broadcast on ABC1 by interrupting into scheduled programming. In creating ABC News 24, not only did ABC duplicate services already satisfactorily provided by the private sector, it duplicated its own internal services with no marked improvement. ABC have now generated a singularity in its Ultimo head quarters that threatens to suck the rest of the organisation in with it.
We have shown ABC News already does less with more, and now by spreading itself more and more thinly with is News 24 channel it has succeeded in undermining the quality of its own product.
Based on its performance to date we suggest scrapping it and sinking the funds into more investigative journalism. Perhaps Auntie can start with an investigation into its own Groupthink culture.

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