Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Updated: Uranium from Uranus-Minister's reply

COMMENT: We have spent some time endeavouring to convince the ABC that it should improve its story about Australian Uranium allegedly found in Antarctica. See for instance:
Update: Uranium from Uranus
Update: Oz Uranium from Uranus
Update: Oz Uranium in Antarctica? More likely from Uranus
Oz Yellow cake in Antarctic!
While ABC have amended the headline they have steadfastly refused to provide its audience with a more balanced perspective by making and reporting on the simple inquiries that would improve the story generally undertaken by quality news organisations. We have one final avenue of appeal open within the ABC and we will now turn to its Independent Complaints Review Panel to assist us help the ABC help itself. Our additional evidence in this matter is a letter we received today from the Australian Antarctic Division of the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.We remain somewhat perplexed that the ABC have left it for its audience to sort this matter out. 
The Letter includes the following statement:
"News reports that uranium dust from Australia was found in an ice core from the Antarctic Peninsula arise from an unpublished study by scientists from Chile, the United States and Brazil. The data were presented at conferences in Punta Arenas, Chile in October 2009 and in Maine, the United States in May 2010.
Data from the World Nuclear Association indicates that in 1995 there was a marked increase in uranium production worldwide. the above mentioned study did not involve fingerprinting or source analysis of the uranium dust, consequently there is no evidence of an Australian source for the dust." The letter appears below.

We will provide an update should the ICRP undertake to hear our complaint.

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