Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Investigations at "The Drum"

COMMENT: ABC promotes "The Drum" as "analysis and views on issues of the day" however with its "investigation" into expenses of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott titled  How the taxpayer helped Tony Abbott flog Battlelines it appears to have crossed over into the realm of actual "News". Is this an opinion piece or a news story? In publishing this at The Drum (opinion) is ABC attempted to subvert its own editorial policy that provides stricter rules on facts for "News" items than for "opinion" pieces? Is this part of an internal power struggle within Auntie? Has ABC News missed so many of the big stories that ABC's agony Aunt "The Drum" now see fit to fill the gap? Is The Drum now so embarrassed by the performance of ABC News service that it now provides its own? Will The Drum now insist on going 24/7 with its ground breaking opinion pieces? 
So many questions, so few answers.


  1. Nothing new here! The stench from the ABC has been growing all year, and they'll do/publish anything to prevent the election of the Libs. Just like the last 10 Fed elections, actually!

  2. Noted the poor reporting of basic statistics. At 1615hrs 26 Aug - reported on the Drum that Libs will have 73 seats and Labour 72 seats. This falsehood shapes perceptions. In fact, the Lid/Nats will have 72, plus the Independent Nat in WA; and Labour will have 72, plus the Green in Melbourne. Pretty well a draw. These details are important, and expect good reporting to be accurate.


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