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From the vault - no penguins in the Arctic

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Catalyst – 15 November 2007
The complaint
As part of a story about the impact of greenhouse gases, footage of pack ice was used to argue that the ice is melting in the Arctic. The footage included images of penguins diving into the ocean (Not the photo shown above-Ed). Three viewers complained about the use of this footage and pointed out that there are no penguins in the Arctic.
The ABC acknowledged that the footage, involving two penguins diving into the ocean, was in fact archival footage from Antarctica. It was mistakenly shown while Professor Karoly discussed the Arctic. The story was corrected for future repeats of the program.


"From the Vault" - digging up past corrections and clarifications from the ABC archives.

While the ABC did not use the above fake image available from istockphotowe have found it was used to accompany a Science Daily Article titled  

Climate Change Irreversible? United Nations Chief Urges Breakthrough After Dire IPCC Report Release  

posted on 18 November 2007 with the following caption: "Emperor penguin on a floating ice floe in the Atlantic ocean. The IPCC report details how reduced rainfall in much of Africa is likely to aggravate existing water shortages and slash crop yields, rising sea levels are set to inundate small island States and melting glaciers could trigger major floods in South Asia and South America. (Credit: iStockphoto/Jan Will)"

To see where the Polar bear version of the same dodgy istockphoto image (below) was used click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE
The last Polar Bear Royalty Free Stock Photo

Also available from istockphoto:
Global Warming Royalty Free Stock Photo

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