Friday, July 2, 2010

Missing News: Oxburgh Inquiry-science was not the subject of our study

COMMENT: Steve McIntyre continues doing the work of a whole team of ABC investigative reporters revealing that in the course of the Oxburgh Inquiry Climate Scientist Phil Jones admitted that it was probably impossible to do the 1000-year temperature reconstructions with any accuracy. As McIntyre notes
"Obviously, this would be a hugely important admission relative to this debate, but the Oxburgh Science Appraisal Panel “inquiry” did not report this admission even though UEA had announced that the Science Appraisal Panel would “re-appraise CRU’s science”."

In response to McIntyre's question as to why the Oxburgh Inquiry failed to report Lord Oxburg replied: "the science was not the subject of our study". We concur with Steve McIntyre who asks: "Why would anyone have expected that science would be the subject of study of the Science Appraisal Panel? Well, there’s a good reason why they would. The University of East Anglia and Muir Russell said over and over again that the Science Appraisal Panel would, uh, “re-appraise” CRU’s“science”."

Read more at Climate Audit Oxburgh and the Jones Admission

In the meantime we will send a request through to ABC's investigative unit to look into the matter.

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