Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ayers Rock Climb; don't expect balanced coverage from #theirabc

The fight to save one of the world's most renowned walking experiences is only just beginning. For historical information about the Climb that is not likely to get wide  any coverage on the ABC visit

Trying to get positive changes at the ABC appears to be a lost cause but we may still be able to stop political correctness, myth and superstition, and petty bureaucracy from making the world a worse place and save that iconic natural experience at the heart of the continent. With that in mind posting here will be infrequent. Make sure to follow us at the Right to Climb Blog.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Missing News: Quality control needed in environmental research

Another missing story:

The need for a formalised system of Quality Control for environmental policy-science


Research science used to inform public policy decisions, herein defined as “Policy-Science”, is rarely subjected to rigorous checking, testing and replication. Studies of biomedical and other sciences indicate that a considerable fraction of published peer-reviewed scientific literature, perhaps half, has significant flaws. To demonstrate the potential failings of the present approaches to scientific Quality Control (QC), we describe examples of science associated with perceived threats to the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), Australia. There appears a serious risk of efforts to improve the health of the GBR being directed inefficiently and/or away from the more serious threats. We suggest the need for a new organisation to undertake quality reviews and audits of important scientific results that underpin government spending decisions on the environment. Logically, such a body could also examine policy science in other key areas where governments rely heavily upon scientific results, such as education, health and criminology.