Saturday, January 9, 2021

SBS climbing story was rubbish

SBS are as bad as ABC when it comes to bias misrepresentation and poor appreciation of the facts. Last year they ran a pile of utter rubbish, poorly researched piece of propaganda about rock climbing at Nowra. Our complaint was a little too late to be considered.

Here's the reply:

Dear Marc

Your recent complaint to SBS (ticket number: 136495) does not fulfil the requirements of a code complaint under the SBS Codes of Practice.

According to Code 9 (Comments and Complaints About SBS Content), code complaints must be received within 6 weeks of the date of broadcast/publication of the relevant SBS content. Your complaint was received more than 6 weeks after The Point report that concerned you was broadcast and published on 29 October 2020.

As a result, your complaint will not be formally investigated on this occasion.

A copy of your concerns has been passed on to the relevant SBS division as feedback for their information.

Thank you for making your concerns known to us.

Yours sincerely
Alison Angles
Researcher for the SBS Ombudsman

Here's the Australian Climbing Association of NSW reply to SBS's error-laden story....

This statement aims to correct factual errors in the SBS NITV story and inform the wider climbing community about what work is being done to maintain respectful access to this climbing area. It should be being sold as a good news story but that is not the angle that SBS NITV decided to take.

Six weeks prior to this story being published we were informed by climbers at Thompson’s Point that SBS NITV had been filming a story there. These climbers were alarmed at the ambush style interviews and the questions being asked of them without context. We approached SBS NITV immediately as we felt it likely from the nature of questioning that climbers were being unwillingly co-opted into a trope of ignorant climbers damaging Aboriginal culture and the environment. We were concerned that SBS NITV would not provide fair and balanced reporting. We provided information to counteract this image. This information has been totally ignored. We shall be making a formal complaint to the SBS ombudsman, and to the media regulatory body, ACMA.
Read the rest via this LINK and please send a complaint to ACMA and your local member if in NSW.