Friday, March 5, 2010

Stories left behind the iron curtain.

ABC HEADLINE: "Bolts from the blue: reactions to Hamilton" posted ABC news online The Drum 1 March 2010 - First posted Fri Feb 26, 2010 5:18pm AEDT

ABC REPORTED: ABC's The Drum editor Jonathon Green reported on reactions to opinion pieces by Clive Hamilton. The report included the following statement:

"Next week: The Drum-Unleashed will feature a series of pieces commissioned from noted writers on the sceptic side of the climate science debate. Included will be Alan Moran, Tom Switzer, Mark Hendriks, Bob Carter and Jo Nova." 

As Quadrant online point out in their article "Sceptics in from the cold?" :

" that should be Marc Hendrickx whose website is ABC News Watch here…"

Pieces by Prof Bob Carter and Marc Hendrickx were NOT published as indicated.
Despite the firm statement from editor Green that "The Drum-unleashed WILL feature" them. Not may, not might, maybe or perhaps, but a resounding WILL.

The articles can be examined at Quadrant online HERE.

Whatever happened to the promised articles that were to be posted on The Drum by "noted" sceptics: Professor Bob Carter and Marc Hendrickx?
Presumably in advertising the articles The Drum Editor had read them and agreed they met the instructions given at the time of commissioning the pieces, and hence there was apparently no reason for the articles not to be posted as promised. Why were the pieces advertised for publication but then subsequently withdrawn?  
Will the ABC make amends to the writers for their time in writing these articles by publishing the pieces that were commissioned by the ABC on The Drum or elsewhere?
Was The Drum Editor unduly influenced in his decision to pull the articles from publication?
Are Quadrant correct in their assessment that the ABC has banned climate sceptics from taking part in public debate?

OUTCOME: Pending

COMMENT: What can we say? We are simply flabbergasted! 

A recap of what happened...
ABC: Can you please, please write something for us?
Sceptic: I'll think about it.  Hang on, okay what about this.
ABC: Thanks it will be published next week.
Next week comes...
Sceptic: What ever happened to that piece you begged me for? You said it would be published this week?
ABC:  We changed our minds? We don't really want it

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