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Was it in the International Journal of Sour Eggs?

Updated 23/3/2010
ABC HEADLINE: "Climate change scientists hit back" PM Radio National 5/3/2010

ABC REPORTED: ABC reporter Di Bain interviewed Professor David Karoly about new study that allegedly "shores up the facts and figures behind global warming."  The focus of the report was an interview with co-author of the study, Melbourne University's Professor David Karoly.  Di Bain asked David Karoly four questions about the study, including:
1. What prompted the research?
2.  What does this report do to debunk the growing scepticism about climate change?
3. How does the person who isn't adept in the science know what figures to trust, especially after the recent IPCC errors and the climate change email scandal last year? 
4. The climate change debate doesn't appear to be the number one priority for Kevin Rudd anymore, are the sceptics winning the public debate in Australia? 

1. The title, and source of the study were not stated in the program leaving listeners with no knowledge of where the research was published. Was it in the International Journal of Sour Eggs, or perhaps Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change? Please amend the report with the title and source of the study.
2. The extent of questions did not concern the study itself and listeners were left somewhat in the dark as to what Prof. Karoly actually found. Presumably the ABC reporter asked Prof Karoly more questions. As this report poorly represents the research findings can ABC news post the interview in its entirety to its website?

OUTCOME: Received 22/3/2010
The report's title is: "Detection and attribution of climate change: a regional perspective."
It was published on the 5th of March by the peer review journal "Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews". An online scientific journal which collaborates with the Royal Meteorological Society and the Royal Geographical Society.

A link to the article is:

This link has been added to the transcript of the story.

The ABC reporter did ask Prof Karoly more questions but there was not time to run the  9 minute interview in its entirety. The questions and answers used were judged by the program makers as those which would be heard and understood while giving the essence of the story .

There are no plans at this stage to post the whole interview if indeed it remains in the system.

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COMMENT: Yet another under done science report.

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