Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update: Book 'em Danno, passing the buck - two counts

COMMENT: When the ABC get things wrong it seems everyone is to blame, except of course the ABC.
ABC Editorial Policies section 5.6.1 "Use of secondary sources" states: "Where secondary sources such as media releases or other media reports are used to either generate ideas or gather information, the information drawn from those sources must be cross-checked and verified before use."
In their reply to ABC NEWS WATCH's complaint regarding an error in naming a dinosaur, ABC put the blame onto secondary source: affiliate AFP.
In regard to our complaint concerning a minor mis-spelling of a Johnny Cash song  once again the ABC denies it failed to live up to its editorial policy, putting the blame this time onto Reuters: Received 24/3/2010: Thank you for your email regarding the Reuters article "Johnny cash is 10 billionth iTunes download", published on ABC News online.ABC News online has amended the Reuters typographical error. It is not a breach of the ABC Editorial Policies. 

"the information drawn from those sources must be cross-checked and verified before use."  
Book 'em Danno, passing the buck - two counts: Scoreboard +1 (7)

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