Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Emphasising Climate Alarm over Climate Pragmatism

COMMENT: Tony Eastley interviewed British Lord and president of the Royal Society, Martin John Rees on this morning's AM program (President of Royal Society perplexed by climate sceptics).
The headline suggests that there is something wrong with legitimate scepticism about the potential dangers of man made climate change, however in the course of the interview Lord Rees states:

"There is clearly controversy about just how bad it is going to be and about we should best respond to this threat." 

Once again ABC choose to emphasis Climate Alarm over Climate Pragmatism in their reporting. As Lord Rees indicates considerable work remains to be done on the issue of climate sensitivity to increasing CO2 emissions. Recent work by MIT's Prof Richard Lindzen suggests sensitivity lies at the lower end of IPCC models, meaning future climate change is likely to be an inconvenience rather than a disaster. We hear little of this view on Auntie, even when it is so plainly stated by mainstream scientists like Lord Rees.

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