Tuesday, March 23, 2010

UPDATE: Headline misses point on CO2 feedback

Earlier in February we issued a complaint (HERE) that suggested that an ABC story had missed the main outcome of a study into climate sensitivity. ABC have replied to our complaint (posted in its entirelty HERE) and once again it gets down to a matter of  editorial judgement. Given the same editorial staff consider that a story about escaped chickens is more newsworthy than a BBC interview with climategate scientist Dr Phil Jones (see HERE) we shall let readers make up their own minds on the quality of those judgements and news values. 

As outlined in our original complaint other news agencies did not agree with ABC's view on the story. When we pointed this out once again to ABC Audience and Consumer, they replied: 

I believe your references to "other media outlets" and "links to other media coverage" relate to the link to the Science Daily article 'Amplification of Global Warming by Carbon-Cycle Feedback Significantly Less Than Thought, Study Suggests' provided in your complaint. The ABC is an independent news-gathering organisation. There is no requirement for its coverage of particular stories to duplicate that of other media outlets, such as Science Daily.

Somehow ABC, who admit "The ABC does not possesses the skills to determine the scientific veracity of the claims made in the study.is better placed than Science Daily to judge where the emphasis should be!

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