Monday, March 15, 2010

From the vault - just letting off steam

7.00 News – 13 August 2007
The complaint
Three viewers complained that a news report on climate change wrongly used footage of power station cooling towers releasing steam to illustrate greenhouse gas emissions caused by power stations.
The ABC reviewed the report and agreed that the final image, in particular, should not have dwelt on the cooling towers as it could have given a misleading impression that these towers were the main source of emissions. The response explained that, on occasion, the ABC does use general pictures of coal-fired power stations as these plants produce considerable greenhouse gas emissions. However, the ABC is aware that the fumes rising from the cooling towers are principally water vapour and we try not to dwell on those pictures alone. 

Comment:"we try not to dwell on those pictures alone" and yet virtually every article on climate change still features those H2O emitting cooling towers!

"From the Vault" - digging up past corrections and clarifications from the ABC archives.

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