Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On that question of bias-a reply from ABC: Update 2

ABC response to follow up questions outlined in this POST

In the original complaint we identified ABC Editorial Policy Section 5.6.1 as being important where information is drawn from secondary sources such as this. Section 5.6.1 states that "Where secondary sources such as media releases or other media reports are used to either generate ideas or gather information, the information drawn from those sources must be cross-checked and verified before use."

In light of revelations that ABC does not "possesses [sic] the skills to determine the scientific veracity of the claims made in the study."

Can you confirm that ABC News made no attempt to verify the content of the Reuters piece and instead relied on the reputation of the secondary source?
As advised, the ABC does not have the scientific expertise to peer review the findings of the study. The ABC’s responsibility under 5.6.1 of its Editorial Policies is to verify that the study was conducted by a reputable organisation and satisfy itself that the study had been peer reviewed. Audience and Consumer Affairs is satisfied that ABC News did cross-check and verify the Reuters report before publication and believes the report is in keeping with 5.6.1 of the ABC Editorial Policies, which are available at the attached link;

If so, does this contravene section 5.6.1?
No response

Is it the case that if ABC is unable to verify claims, then under section 5.6.1 publication of the news item should be deferred until such time the claims can be verified?
No response

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