Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Feet-climate link not as certain as headline suggests

COMMENT: ABC Online report that "Climate change good for little penguins" based on comments by Dr Peter Dann from the Phillip Island Nature Park in Victoria made at a public forum in Ulverstone, Tasmania. ABC provide the following quotes from Dr Dunn, however they don't really support the certainty expressed by the headline:

"Penguins, for example, we think are going to breed earlier and probably more successfully if sea surface temperatures in Bass Strait increase."
Mr Dann says more work needs to be done to investigate the sea birds.
"Even the climate is something that hasn't been completely established yet, what the predictions are for the next 100 years,
"But for birds, at least, we don't have as good information on the birds as we do on the climate, even so there's a lot of speculation necessary, unfortunately."

A more informative headline would be "Climate change probably good for little penguins" or "Further research required to determine whether Happy Feet will tap faster beat under new climate conditions".

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