Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

4 corners: age of consequences

4 Corners is screening "Age of Consequences" tonight. Another eco-catastrophe "documentary" produced by climate activists along the lines of Al Gore's erroneous Inconvenient Truth. One assumes that Climate Hustle will be screened to balance the ledger.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bleakless Insiders

Not sure if many can still stomach it but I watched ABC Insiders this morning. The main reason being to see what they would make of Bill Leak's passing. Bill was a regular contributor to the Talking Pictures Segment and appeared a number of times on the show. Given Bill's long connection to the program and his significance to Australian media and political life I thought it might have been appropriate to devote the "Talking Pictures" segment to him. Perhaps Warren Brown or Peter Hoysted (aka Jack the Insider) could have added some personal recollections about this Australian Legend.

Instead in this warped ABC world, there was nothing in that segment said about one of Australia's leading political cartoonists over the last 20 years. NOTHING. Instead to add insult ABC gave the guest spot to a hopelessly ordinary comedian; Mark Humphries, who helps out on The Feed, a low quality SBS "comedy". Humphries seem to be fond of that light weight Politically Correct form of "satire" that picks on easy targets and is not likely to offend anyone. It's that asinine, blow in the breeze type of "satire" common on government funded channels of late that's quickly forgotten and leaves as lasting impression on the world as a footprint on the beach. Hardly biting, hardly satire, hardly funny (but we all pay for it).

In August last year using tax payers money, the Feed broadcast what it described as "the most sublime takedown of Bill Leak's racist cartoon". This piece starred the aforementioned Humphries and side kick Jan Fran. The superficial analysis and level of ignorance demonstrated in this "satirical" skit is astonishing. It takes a great deal of intelligence, research and knowledge to produce good satire, the sort Bill produced day in - day-out. One of the keys being a kernel of truth. But there is no kernel of truth in the notion that Bill Leak was racist in anyway. The misrepresentation of his opinions and cartoons by these lightweights perhaps a testament to the long term failure of our education system to teach critical thinking. Unbelievably SBS describe this as "simply brilliant".  It's simply crap; crap that we paid for with hard earned tax dollars. The perpetrator of this crap the person chosen by ABC for the Talking Pictures segment a few days after Bill's death. The insult is palpable.

But Insiders didn't stop there. Following the briefest of mentions of the sad news by Barry Cassidy and a very short 30 second clip, Laura Tingle, perhaps having raided Michelle Grattan's wardrobe of spotty dresses and grannies teeth pearl strands, struck a new low with perhaps the worst eulogy ever made.
Perhaps they will make up for it next week?

See also With Friends Like Laura Tingle... at Quadrant.

Bill Leak 1956-2017

I can't believe Bill Leak is gone. If a cartoonist had to go this year why couldn't it have been Leunig?

A couple of my favourite Bleaks:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016



 In 2012 we were forced to discontinue our annual analysis of the productivity of ABC's NEWS service as the ABC's news archive limited the number of stories to the first 10 pages of items. At the time we asked then Director Mark Scott what had happened with the archive but got no reply. It seems ABC have re-instituted access to the full online news archive so here are the current results.




The ABC NEWS WATCH productivity survey examines ABC's total news output for the month of June as recorded in the ABC's online news archive and compares this to total ABC NEWS staff numbers taken from its annual report. The result is a measure of the productivity of ABC's NEWS division.



Stories per day from the ABC NEWS ARCHIVE for each June
Year  Total Stories 
2003      7230 
2004      6920 
2005      6899 
2006      6995 
2007      7988 
2008      8894 
2009      7134 
2010      6666
2011      5908
2012      6091

2013      7754
2014      7801
2015      7624 
2016      6597 (third lowest on record!)

Staffing:  Figures are based on ABC annual reports. 

ABC News Division staff, from ABC Annual reports.
Year   Staff 
2003   766.24 
2004   735.04 
2005   756.6 
2006   770.68 
2007   842.37 
2008   865.59 
2009   913.14 
2010   947.36
2011   963.14
2012   964.97

2013  1009.46 
2014  1051.62
2015  1433.5
2016  1367.41

Productivity: 2016 record low productivity!

ZERO output projected in 2022!
Year  Stories per staff per month 
2003      9.4 
2004      9.4 
2005      9.1 
2006      9.1 
2007      9.5 
2008     10.3 
2009      7.8 
2010      7.1
2011      6.1
2012      8.1
2013      7.7
2014      7.4
2015      5.3
2016      4.8


 In 2015 ABC news staff growth broke from its linear trend and accelerated alarmingly showing exponential growth. In 2022 our staffing models indicate numbers will reach a whopping 2137. At the same time modelling of staff productivity indicate ZERO output. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015

So 2015 ends as it begins with no major improvement to the ABC's news service. A new MD in March but no promise of any changes in editorial content or quality.

Anyway wishing you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming leap year.