Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where's Michael?

Earlier this week we asked Where's Dan when it came to providing some coverage of the results of the recent Canadian Elections. Equally relevent is the question "Where's Michael"? Referring to ABC's North America Correspondent Michael Brissenden. Seems his brief doesn't extend to the northern part of that continent, leaving ABC to rely on Reuters to fill the gap.

The same questions apply...
Is Michael taking a WEB (well earned break)?
Significant tax payers resources are expended keeping ABC's foreign correspondents in overseas postings. If they can't be relied upon to provide major news stories from their ports of call, why are they there at all?


  1. you never know, he might have filed something, but they didn't broadcast it because of all of the news of bin Laden. i looked RN Breakfast and AM, bin Laden was the only thing that was reported on May 3

    i don't ever remember Michael nor Kim Landers nor Michael Rowland having reported anything on Canada

  2. I don't think he covered it, hence the reliance on Reuters, so much for an Australian perspective on the news!

  3. Is Marc Hendrickx the lovechild of Gerard Henderson and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells?


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