Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where's Dan?

ABC have a reporter in Toronto (that's polar bear Dan Karpenchuk) yet they rely on Reuters to supply a story about Canada's recent election results. Is Dan taking a WEB (well earned break)?
Significant tax payers resources are expended keeping ABC's foreign correspondents in overseas postings. If they can't be relied upon to provide major news stories from their ports of call, why are they there at all?


  1. Get your facts right - Dan Karpenchuk isn't an ABC correspondent.

  2. We will stick with our description. ABC credit stories by Mr Karpenchuk in the following way...

    "By Dan Karpenchuk in Toronto". see for instance...http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/12/05/2762943.htm

    It also labels Mr Karpenchuk in the following manner: "The ABC's Dan Karpenchuk" see...http://www.radioaustralianews.net.au/stories/200901/2474101.htm

    Perhaps you can provide some hard evidence to back your claims?

  3. i don't think he is a corespondent in the way that Michael Brissenden is. that is, he is not from Australia, doesn't speak with Australian accent, won't have won't be paying into aussie superannuation etc etc

    he's probably just a freelancer who the ABC gets to report on Canadian news from time to time. if he didn't report on the election, it probably means he was busy doing something else.

  4. Speaking of Michael Brissenden where is his report on this one?

  5. hmmm ... i don't listen to the ABC daily so can't help you on Michael Brissenden. it does surprise me that there is no report on it, but death of bin Laden trumps many things.

    i do know that Canada doesn't rate highly on the ABC's nor Australian commercial channels new agenda. i've suggested stories to people at the ABC in the past that would be worth checking out, and mostly got no reply (there are honorable exceptions though). it would seem as if there is nothing vertically north of the great lakes and the 49th parallel other than prairie, tundra and bears.

    the same goes for Canada though. the only time Australia makes it on the news is if there is an election, or calamitous events like a floor or fire, or a shark or crocodile attack


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