Saturday, May 21, 2011

In support of Mr Uhlmann

ABC 7:30 presenter Chris Uhlmann, should be congratulated for his reporting. Despite being married to a sitting ALP politician he has dealt with the conflict of interest well in the past 6 months, and he remains one of the few journalists in the ABC to live up to the corporation's charter that aims for impartial reporting. A challenge in an organisation whose own chairman recognized in it, a pervasive culture of Groupthink. 

Now the left wing "ignorarmy" at GETUP ("Petition hits ABC for shift to Right",The Australian 20/5) are calling for his resignation on the basis of one tough interview with Greens leader the "morally superior" Senator Bob Brown. Having been given a soft run by the media in recent years the Greens appear to be crumbling under the slightest scrutiny, leading its staffers to launch a "hate" campaign against Uhlmann and other members of the press. The Australian report (Brown staffers join the media war, 21/5) that Senator Brown's director of media, Marion Rae, posted a photograph of The Australian's James Massola, with the caption: "There's a hypertroll outside the window." and of the ABC's Chris Uhlmann, she said: "Some are born great, some become great and others have talented wives, eh mate?"

To get the ABC back to its charter, rather than sacking its one balanced journalist, it could start by sacking its cherry picking science reporter: Mr Confirmation Bias, Robyn Williams. Its doom saying radio announcer: the eco-catastrophist, Deborah Cameron. Its resident shamrock reporter: environmental activist Sara Phillips (so named as she only covers the green side of issues). And its one eyed opinion editor: Jonathan Green, who balances 12 left wing articles with just one from the right (Aunty makes no secret of prejudice, 11/5). That would make a start.


  1. I must say in all honesty that even though I like Andrew Bolt and agree with his politics his bias does show during interviews. Chris Uhlmann however displays little or no detectable bias in an interview. Uhlmann surely is a professional journalist and it's absurd that he is being branded as biased.

    I fully support and admire this man...

  2. He's done remarkably well considering his close relations to the ALP. We rate him 5 from 5 for professionalism and impartiality.
    Chris Uhlmann, a bright spark in the dark nest of ABC Groupthink. No doubt he'll find better opportunities outside the hive.

  3. Yes I saw the interview. It is rare that obvious questions are asked and I congratulate Uhlmann for asking some. Another obvious one is if you impose a tax on the use of energy surely that will raise the price of everything that uses energy to produce it. If so Abbott is right a carbon tax raises the price of everything! Please ask why not I would like to know.

  4. I have noticed a trend just this week for 'have your say' section on ABC 1 to come up with a message the 'comments are currently being moderated and may take a while' and the comment does not appear. Someone is getting touchy about the trend to neutrality on 7:30 (sounds like the sea ph !!)
    Good blog....


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