Monday, May 9, 2011

ABC Environment: the insults continue

ABC Environment continue their visual insults to Vietnamese farmers. We look forward to their apology.


  1. They obviously have a contractual obligation with this photo....

  2. how long were these pics up for?

  3. ABC Environment appear to "auto generate" images to match key words in the story or headline. I have seen them rotate several images for a given story. If you search through the news section of the environment site you'll see the same set of images pop up again and again. Including our friend above.

  4. gosh, that's really crumby. good noticing

  5. "ABC Environment appear to "auto generate"..."

    Ha ha ha. Yes, ABC Environment appear to be set to "auto generate" when it comes to perspective on Global Warming too. I think they really need to adjust the settings; they are out of balance...


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