Saturday, May 7, 2011

Buying some one else's perspective

From the editorial in today's Australian:
"Taxpayers are entitled to ask why the provision of more than $1 billion in annual funding does not buy Australian coverage but an Al-Jazeera feed."
Read the rest HERE.

And I thought SBS was there to provide an international perspective on the news!

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  1. Whose perspective is this I wonder?

    "The last refugee detained on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea says it would be senseless to reopen the mothballed detention centre."

    and further:-

    "The new Government tried to hold the stick from the middle but obviously they could not, the pressure is too much and they have to take sides now," he said."

    Right. So what side would that be? And what would be wrong with taking sides if it's the "right thing to do" and is in the national interest I wonder?

    Hmmm, nothing in the piece to address that point.

    A quick google and one finds that "The Age" is also flying the flag for Aladdin Sisalem and co.

    Do I detect the smell of Activism at the ABC yet again? Surely not.

    Is this a news piece or an opinion piece? Nothing like blurring the lines between the two so nothing can be proven.

    From ABC online this am.

    Loaded Dog


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