Thursday, May 5, 2011

Behind the times

We opened ABC's Local News portal. The lead item is Black Saturday.
 So what's happening in ABC Business? The Global Financial Crisis.
ABC News: Providing a window into yesteryear


  1. Lead item? You're joking, right? Would any user of the website genuinely mistake those banners for lead items? Seems to me they're just prominent banners leading to special coverage pages. How else would you prefer them to give users access to the special coverage pages? It's no different to the Afghanistan link on the World page - it just leads users to special coverage, it doesn't imply those are the lead stories.

    Also, I reckon nobody actually goes to that Local News portal - holding your mouse over the link to it makes the list of states and territories appear, so I'd guess people would probably choose their own state rather than clicking on Local.

  2. Both items are stale news. What next from Auntie "Germany invades Poland?"
    If no one goes there why have it?


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