Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where's Aunties Vigorous climate debate

The Australian provides a stinging editorial on media coverage of climate change, damning rival newspaper The Age for its lack of balance in reporting climate change science. 
It concludes:
There was a time when The Age took a broader view of national debate rather than the narrow, monocultural outlook that has permeated its columns in recent years, which has tended to exclude more-mainstream opinion. It is not the media's role to play quasi-censor in an unfolding debate in which so much is at stake economically and socially.

It also works if you substitute "The Age" for "The ABC". Where's Aunties vigorous climate debate?


  1. Look out for Q&A on Monday where Tim Flannery is described as a "scientist and author" and Jennifer Marohasey (also a scientist) as "climate sceptic". As she says on her blog, under these cirumstances maybe Flannery should be described as "climate alarmist". Let's watch Tony Jones give her a fair go (not).

  2. Here's a "mash up" I posted to Q and A last year. What are the odds they play it?


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