Saturday, October 2, 2010

Complaint handling undertaken very badly by the ABC

An excellent article looking at the future of the ABC in today's Australian Newspaper, by former ABC deputy Chairwoman Judith Sloan. Aunty suddenly fills the air, and it's a real shame
We thought this passage was particularly relevant to us here at ABC NEWS WATCH:
"Complaint handling was an area undertaken very badly by the ABC and always in a self-serving manner.
The board would be regularly informed that a very high proportions of complaints had been investigated and rejected - often more than 90 per cent.
The complaint-handling process has all the usual hallmarks of a self-satisfied organisation: treat the complainant as a dimwit using a patronising tone; refer obliquely to the matter raised but respond that all approaches to journalism are equally acceptable; assure the complainant that the matter has been thoroughly investigated; and quote the internet address of the editorial guidelines for the complainant's edification.
It is not surprising that this approach yields very high rejection rates. The complaints that are accepted are almost always trivial and refer to some factual error made by a journalist.

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