Friday, October 1, 2010

Missing News: Climate Change Conference in Sydney

Missing News: No word on Auntie thus far about a Climate Change Conference held in Sydney today.
Speakers included:
Chris de Freitas: Developments in Climate Science: Potential Drivers of Emissions Policy Beyond 2012
Robert Carter: The Reconstruction of Past Sea-Level Change: Policy Implications
Senator Cory Bernardi: The Political State of Play of Climate Change Policy in Australia
David Evans: Is the Western Climate Establishment Corrupt?
Alan Moran: Lower CO2 Levels: Costs, Benefits and Possibilities
Barun S. Mitra: How Domestic Politics cools Global Warming
Joanne Nova: Defeating the Witchdoctors of the Twenty-First Century and Why Global Warming Is About Power, Money, and Sex

We wonder if Auntie's cadre of Groupthinking reporters were frightened off by the prospect of being enlightened by a few facts that would overturn the ABC apple cart.

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