Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missing News:CO2 Control Knobs skewed

ABC science have thus far not reported on a recent paper in Science by Andrew Lacis et al that claims atmospheric CO2 is the principal control knob governing Earth’s temperature. Just in case they do and omit to balance their report with the opinions of other distinguished scientists here are a few comments on the paper of relevance that thoroughly skew it as it rolls off the presses...
Dr Roger A. Pielke Sr.
"Quite frankly, this would be a good Master’s thesis study to show why CO2 is an important climate forcing as well as provide insight into the water cycle feedback. However, it presentation as a major new research insight by Science is puzzling,.."
Dr Roy Spencer:
"As I have already pointed out, the authors have predetermined what they would find. They assert water vapor (as well as cloud cover) is a passive follower of a climate system driven by CO2. They run a model experiment that then “proves” what they already assumed at the outset.
But we also need to recognize that their experiment is misleading in other ways, too

The a paper itself appears to be a re-hash of Lacis comments made at Andy Revkin's Dot Earth blog under the header "Lacis at NASA on Role of CO2 in Warming"

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