Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BBC told to be balanced, but what about the ABC?

The UK Telegraph reports "BBC told to ensure balance on climate change"

Climate change sceptics are likely to be given greater prominence in BBC documentaries and news bulletins following new editorial guidelines that call for impartiality in the corporation’s science coverage.

Time the light of reason was also shone on the ABC?

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  1. I'm an ex-pat Australian living in Europe for whom the BBC is one of a scarce number of easy-to-reach free-to-air organizations. It is pernicious in its endemic bias; but there is Biased BBC Blog to enjoy. You are doing a great job with the equally pernicious ABC yet - and this depresses me enormously - nobody seems to be bothered to comment. Anyway, BBC will get around this setback since it brooks no debate; the science is settled, therefore there is no question of allowing equal time to "denialists" in the same way that one would not allow flat-earthers to debate geography; this will be the BBC stance.


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