Friday, October 15, 2010

Missing News: BoM admits to hot cities

BOM finally finds UHI in Australia's temperature record, and somehow ABC don't find it newsworthy!

Bureau of Meteorology
Wednesday 13 October 2010

Hot cities

If you thought our cities are getting warmer, you're right.
Bureau of Meteorology researchers have found that daytime temperatures in our cities are warming more rapidly than those of the surrounding countryside and that this is due to the cities themselves.
Bureau climate scientist, Belinda Campbell, said "we've known for a while that city night time temperatures have been warmer because the heat's retained after sunset just that much longer than the countryside, and that city daytime temperatures have been warming too."
"But what we didn't know was whether city day time temperatures were also warmer because of the urbanisation or whether it was due to the overall warming of the planet associated with the enhanced greenhouse effect."
"We can now confidently say that the reason our cities are warmer and warming faster than the surrounding countryside during the day is because of the urbanisation, the fact that all those offices, houses and factories absorb the heat and retain it a little bit longer," Ms Campbell said.

Rest HERE and conference abstract HERE

We wonder how Laverton faired?

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