Friday, October 29, 2010

Mann, Ehrlich, and Rahmstorf - Devil's gift to the Tea Party

In a post titled "Dan Greenberg meets the climate scientists" Roger Pielke Jnr has posted a few emails by Dan Greenberg who reviewed Pielke's book The Climate Fix for Nature., including this one:

Dear Professors Mann, Ehrlich, and Rahmstorf,
Your correspondence concerning my review of Roger Pielke's book "Climate Fix" has provided me with a deeper understanding of the widespread public skepticism toward climate science. In your hands, apple pie and motherhood would come under public suspicion. Have you considered taking a remedial reading course? Can you comprehend the difference between a book reviewer's own beliefs and the reviewer's presentation of the beliefs expressed by the author of the book under review? Apparently not. Furthermore, your insinuation of an undisclosed relationship between me and a conservative think tank is preposterous. In 2006, I participated in a panel discussion sponsored by the Marshall Institute---as I have done with numerous other organizations, including the Brookings Institution, RAND, AAAS, and various academic societies and universities. Common practice for journalists. Nor did I, as you allege, write a report, or anything, for the Marshall Institute. The panel's words were transcribed and published by the Institute. I wrote nothing for them. You guys are the devil's gift to the Tea Party and other climate-change wackos.
Sincerely, Dan Greenberg

ABC are yet to report on The Climate Fix, books by ABC staff however seem to be getting a lot of attention.

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