Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update: ABC happy with mediocre methane report

COMMENT: ABC have replied to our complaint about poor reporting "Methane report under inflated - a lesson in science reporting from the NYT".
Based on ABC's response (below) it appears ABC is happy to provide mediocre news reporting! Again compare the quality of the following reports about methane leaks from the Arctic Ocean, and ask yourself if ABC deserves to call itself "Australia's most trusted, independent source of news." We sure are getting our 2 cents worth.

ABC: "Scientists discover huge seabed methane leak", ABC News Online 5 March 2010.
New York Times Study Says Undersea Release of Methane Is Under Way 
Science News

ABC response received 1 April, 2010:  "Audience and Consumer Affairs is satisfied that the report is accurate and in keeping with section 5 of the ABC Editorial Policies, which are available online at the attached link; http://abc.net.au/corp/pubs/edpols.htm  The comments of a local expert were included to provide context for the ABC’s audience.
It is important to note that Audience and Consumer Affairs does not review news coverage of other organisations.  It reviews ABC content only, as explained above. Your interest in the NYT’s coverage of this issue is noted."

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