Friday, April 9, 2010

Shen Neng 1 - How much oil? Part 2 - PM a winner with 950,000t

Update ABC admit their mistake +1 on the score board -see Outcome below.
ABC HEADLINE:   "Oil from stranded Chinese coal carrier to be transferred to a barge" PM 8 April-story introduction. The problem lies with the story introduction on the PM Home Page HERE- probably visible for a day or so, but we preserved the relevant bit below (along with a nice picture of PM presenter, Mark Colvin,  wearing one of Phillip Adams' finest).
ABC REPORTED: The following text was used to introduce a story on the PM website concerning oil to be transferred from the stranded Coal carrier the Shen Neng 1:

THE COMPLAINT: ABC have erroneously reported that 950,000 tonnes of oil would be transferred from the coal carrier.  The amount quoted in the introduction is out by a factor of 1000. Very-large crude carriers (VLCC) and ULCCs have capacity over 250,000 DWT (Source). 950,000 tonnes for a coal carrier, must be one hell of a big ship! 950,00 tonnes of oil is over 1 billion litres!
The amount reported in the story itself is 950 tonnes.

OUTCOME: Received 21 April, 2010
Thank you for your email regarding the PM report Oil from stranded Chinese coal carrier to be transferred to a barge.
The broadcast accurately stated that the 950 tonnes of oil on board the Chinese carrier would be transferred into a barge bunker.  When transcribing the report for the website, it was incorrectly typed in as 950, 000 tonnes.
An editor’s note has been attached to the transcript alerting the audience to this fact.

COMMENT: F-oiled again! A new record in erroneous oil reporting!

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