Monday, April 5, 2010

Update: ABC deny error in reporting on Mann inquiry

COMMENT: We have received a reply to our complaint "Mann report makes mistake and fails to ask the tough questions"
In our complaint we raised the following points:
1. Factual error in reporting the emails by Michael Mann examined by the University
2. Lack of query. The report fails to tackle questions raised that the Penn State's inquiry into Dr Mann was open to bias.
ABC's reply only deals with the first point and here they claim:
"Having reviewed the report, Audience and Consumer Affairs is satisfied that it would be patently clear to its audience that the sentence“The University looked through all of Dr Mann's email correspondences in making its findings” referred to the emails relevant to their inquiry and did not mean every email Dr Mann had ever written.  The context in which the sentence was published was sufficiently clear and there is no breach of the ABC’s editorial standards."

As we are not satisfied with this effort, we have requested that this complaint be forwarded to the ABC Complaints Review Executive. 

The full reply is posted with the original-link above.

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