Friday, April 23, 2010

Missing News: More Curry for IPCC

COMMENT: Professor Judith Curry elaborates on recent criticism of the IPCC in an email exchange with Keith Floor (HERE). We wonder if Tony Jones is brave enough to interview Prof Curry on Lateline? ...or would Prof. Curry's insights represent an unwelcome symphony, one capable of smashing ABC's climate change echo chamber?

From the interview...Prof Curry states:
Corruptions to the IPCC process that I have seen discussed include:
•    lead/contributing authors assessing their own work – (e.g. von Storch criticism in 2005), in some cases resulting in an overemphasis on their own papers written by themselves and their collaborators;
•    tailoring graphics and not adequately describing uncertainties ostensibly to simplify and not to “dilute the message” that IPCC wanted to send;
•    violations of publication (in press) deadlines for inclusions of papers in the IPCC report;
•    inadequacies in the review process whereby lead/contributing authors don’t respond fairly to adverse criticism; this inadequacy arises in part to the authors themselves having ultimate authority and in part to cursory performance by the Review Editors;
•    evasiveness and unresponsiveness by the IPCC regarding efforts to investigate alleged violations occurring in the review process;
•    IPCC Review Editors and authors using the IPCC to avoid accountability under national FOI legislation.

We have put a request to ABC for Prof Curry to be interviewed.

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