Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shen Neng 1 - How significant the damage?

COMMENT: ABC report that the Great Barrier Reef experienced "significant" damage due to the grounding of the Shen Neng 1:
PM 13 April 2010- Ship leaves 3km scar on Barrier Reef
News Online 13 April 2010 - Oil found on beach near damaged reef,  Reef damage from carrier stretches 3km

Some perspective:
Area of Great Barrier Reef: 344,400 square kilometres (source
Area affected: 3 km x 250 m = 0.75 square kilometres"This scar is more in the region of 3km long and up to 250 metres wide.'' (via The Australian)
Area "pulverised": 0.025 square kilometres "There is a footprint of at least 250 metres by 100 metres that has been completely pulverised and wiped clean of any marine life."
Proportion of reef affected: 0.00000218
Proportion of reef pulverised: 0.0000000726

...but apparently marine life abounds: 
ABC image to accompany PM report "Ship leaves 3km scar on Barrier Reef. Caption reads: "Shen Neng 1 has been refloated but has left the reef deeply scarred."

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