Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shen Neng 1 - How much oil?

COMMENT: ABC News seems to be having some trouble nailing down the amount of oil that leaked from the coal carrier Shen Neng 1 after it hit Douglas Shoal in the Great Barrier Reef this week. I guess they could have said "a small amount" but there's nothing too alarming in that!

PM Story introduction 8 April (
950,000 tonnes!

PM, 7 April: spilling more than two tonnes of oil into the ocean (Claims that Chinese coal ship took short cut through reef)
ABC News Online, 7 April: spilling more than two tonnes of oil into the water.(Coal carrier salvage efforts set to begin)
AM, 7 April: some oil has leaked into the ocean (Oil to be taken off stricken coal carrier)
Lateline, 6 April: 4 tonnes (Stranded oil spill ship under investigation)
ABC Capricornia, 6 April: leaked about two tonnes of oil (Carriers making 'coal highway' out of Barrier Reef)
ABC Environment blog, 6 April: has leaked at best guess four tonnes of oil onto the reef (Oil not the main threat from the coal ship)
ABC Rural Queensland, 5 April:  3 km slick (Reef fishers angry at oil spill)
AM, 5 April: two tonnes of oil has leaked ...another 950 tonnes remains on board ....a potential spill of 975 tonnes of heavy fuel oil (Ship breakup threatens Great Barrier Reef) Ed-What break up and where did the extra oil come from?
ABC News Online, 5 April: an estimated three to four tonnes spilt so far (Ship spilling oil could fall apart)
ABC Radio Australia News, 4 April: It's still leaking oil and there are fears that it could break up. (Plans to salvage grounded Chinese coal ship off Australian coast)
ABC News Online, 4 April: not yet found an oil leak. (Chinese coal ship runs aground off Queensland)

Still, a bit of an improvement on previous efforts...From the vault - f-oiled again. 

How some others saw it
New York Times, 7 April: Very little oil has leaked  (Chinese Freighter on Great Barrier Reef Has Punctured Fuel Tank)
Herald Sun, 4 April: To date there has been no major loss of oil from the ship (Oil leaking from coal ship Shen Neng 1 aground in Great Barrier Reef)

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