Monday, April 26, 2010

Burning Up Burn up

COMMENT: ABC screened Part 1 of the British drama/thriller "Burn Up" last night. Part 2 airs next Sunday. Here's an excerpt from AA Gill's Review in the Times Online that probably won't make Auntie's home page...

"The finger-wagging about global warming was relentless and unabating, all couched in the comfy velour of the edge-of-history and watershed gibberish. The goodies were witty, brilliant, sensitive, imaginative, attractive, sexy and great dancers - rather, I suspect, like the scriptwriters. The baddies were, well,they were all American. This was film-making from the Soviet school of political subtlety, a childishly black-and-white premise, delivered with a patronising blog of a script, which overwhelmed the plot, pace, anything resembling a character and, finally, the audience’s sympathy." More at Times Online.

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