Monday, June 6, 2011

Rapid Sea level rise a figment of ABC Groupthink alarmism

Sea level projected to 2100-likely further rise of 17.4 cm by 2100

ABC's Climate Groupthink propaganda machine goes into hyperdrive to support the government's carbon tax, with a report titled "Report outlines worst-case climate damage". Once again little inquiry by the ABC, who are happy to beat the alarmist drum for a government desperate to regain some credibility in the politics of climate change - by being seen to be "doing something", anything. (Ed...Doesn't matter that its proposed tax will do nothing for the environment, in fact it will harm it by reducing our economic capacity to pay for looking after it. The tax will do nothing for global temperatures, it will do nothing to reduce sea level, it will do nothing to reduce "carbon pollution". It's a "feel good" tax that will make no one feel good. Its long term outcome will be one big step backward into a third world lifestyle for all Australians)

ABC's sensationalist report states:
The report, titled Risk to Coastal Settlements and Communities, was commissioned by the Federal Government and assesses the potential damage caused by a worst-case scenario sea level rise of 1.1 metres within 90 years. 
The report identifies $226 billion worth of assets at risk of erosion or being wiped out.
It found up to 274,000 homes are at risk of inundation and erosion along with over 8,000 commercial buildings, and up to 35,000 kilometres of roads and rail around the country.
Sounds pretty scary, but just what has sea level been doing over the last 100 years or so? Based on historical  observations is a rise of 1.1 m realistic? The graph, above, from wikipedia shows sea level rise for the last 120 years (thats 4 climate cycles). If we extrapolate the observed trends 100 years into the future, out to 2100, we can see that (if these non-alarming trends continue) we can expect a further rise of just 17.4 cm! Thats less than the width of an ipad, less than the length of a brick!

The results of such a rise over the next 90 years will be insignificant. ABC's activist reporters appear to have mistaken reality for a Hollywood disaster movie.


  1. :
    Please find below copy of email I sent to ABC TV last week.....

    ABC and its current affairs/political comment show presenters are the most politicallly biased shows/individuals attempting to disguise themselves as unbiased respectful leaders of debate in the Australian media... Any credibility to that end is completely gone in my view... Don't believe me?? Ask your presenters such as Jonathan Holmes, Tony Jones and Kerry O'brien who they vote for..... No prizes for guessing ... You only have to watch their show to know clearly on which side of the political fence they sit.... It shines through - BIG TIME, and I reckon plenty of Australians are sick of it....The unprofessionalism and arrogance of these journalists posing as impartial debate facilitators/commentators is staggering.. I bet you are all staunch unionists as well... good for you..... just don't try to foist political viewpoints on the Australian public under the guise of impartiality if you want to be respected as that kind of entity.. We the public are not stupid and it just doesn't do you any favours as a Broadcaster... Cheers, Dev Wollstein, Geelong

  2. I've got a great idea - why not build sea walls to protect low-lying areas if the sea actually rises much in the future? Entrepreneurs could make a fortune this way - it might even exceed the "carbon" tax they'd have to pay. /sarcoff

    Global sea level rise has little to do with Oz or any other country or island. What matters (as with temperature or precipitation) is what happens THERE.

    The BOM has bags of historical data going back more than a hundred years for some tide stations - see

    Rates of rise vary all round Australia - in several cases almost nothing at all - see the PDFs for Darwin (zero) and Brisbane (a slight fall since 1960).

    An analysis for the CSIRO concluded that "the change of relative mean sea level around the Australian coastline for the period 1920 to 2000 is about 1.2 mm per year". see

  3. Here's my quick glance guide to sea level:


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