Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lies of the climate commission: Part 6 no islands evacuated

Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery (who has not published any peer reviewed papers on climate change*), recently stated:
Prof Flannery said while climate change would be a significant issue for the region over the next century, its effects were being felt in other parts of the country today.
“There are islands in the Torres Strait that are already being evacuated and are feeling the impacts."

There are in fact no islands in the Torres Strait that are being evacuated. Another falsehood from the climate commissioner, that has slipped under the ABC's news radar.

We put the following question to the climate commission:

Climate commissioner Tim Flannery is quoted as saying: 
“There are islands in the Torres Strait that are already being evacuated and are feeling the impacts."
There are no islands in Torres Strait that are being evacuated due to climate change. Can the commission clarify what the commissioner means by this false statement? Given the commission is supposed to "Explain the science of climate change and the impacts on Australia"; will the commission issue a correction to the commissioner's false and misleading statement? 

*Let us go and explore the Gold standard for collecting and collating peer-reviewed scientific information,Thomson Reuters Institute for Scientific Information, and see how many times that this climate science  ‘expert’ has published on climate change in the expert literature since 1956.  If he were a bone fide expert then he would be listed in the ISI Web of Knowledge many times under papers in which he has tested his ideas with the expert scientific community. Search term author "Flannery T"  and topic  "climate change" reveals one entry, just one! -  A book review! (That misrepresents the book!) So no peer reviewed publications in climate change! Little wonder he keeps telling untruths.

Title: The real environmental crisis: Why poverty, not affluence, is the environment's number one enemy
End Game
Author(s): Flannery, T
Source: NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS   Volume: 52   Issue: 13   Pages: 26-29   Published: AUG 11 2005
Times Cited: 0
Document Type: Book Review

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