Friday, June 10, 2011

Fossils uncover a different take on climate change

Seems the influence of ABC's climate Groupthink diminishes in proportion with distance from ABC's Sydney headquarters. Thankfully there are still some independently minded ABC presenters left in the bush, pity this won't be repeated on local radio in Sydney .

Fossils uncover a different take on climate change

Referring to the renowned Vostok ice core graph Dr Deacon explains how "about 800 years ago the sea levels were rising at about 14 millimetres per year."
"Well currently the sea level is rising arguably between one and three millimetres per year, so its rising very very much slower than it was at that time... carbon dioxide wasn't driving the changes in any of those plots and is probably not driving it now."
"So really if you're going to say that we actually have man-made global warming that has a runaway greenhouse where sea levels are rising faster than ever, absolutely not."
Dr Geoff Deacon will be presenting his lecture 'What fossils tell us about sea-levels and climate change' at the WA Museum in Geraldton on Thursday June 9 at 7.00pm and Friday June 10 at 10.00 am.

To read and listen to the rest follow the link above.

H/T Geoff Brown


  1. What were the CO2 levels when the world was covered with the trees that are now our coal?

  2. Here's a link...
    For Carboniferous coal...


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