Thursday, June 9, 2011

ABC NEWS Productivity Survey Week 1- the decline continues

ABC's news productivity remains in free fall, with 2011 figures worse than 2010.  In the first week of June 2011 ABC news posted 1622 stories to its online Archive.
For the comparable week in the year 2005, which also started on a Wednesday, ABC produced 1931 stories with 756 staff. This year it was 1621 stories with 961 staff*. That's 309 LESS stories with 205 MORE  staff!

ABC NEWS giving you much much less, for much much more!

(*based on our staffing model. 2010 staffing was 947.36 from the annual report p.192)


  1. Slightly off topic - but an ABC website - is reporting on the man-made global warming hoax by a self-confesses sceptical scientist.

  2. The influence of Groupthink directly proportional to distance from ABC's Sydney head quarters.


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