Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ICRP Decision: ABC's yellow-cake bake

ABC have now issued a press release and posted the full ICRP report on our complaint about an ABC report that claimed Australian Uranium was found in Antarctica. The PDF is available here

Despite assurances that ABC would look at additional viewpoints on this issue it has never reported on a ministerial statement contained in a  letter  from the Australian Antarctic Division that included the following:
"News reports that uranium dust from Australia was found in an ice core from the Antarctic Peninsula arise from an unpublished study by scientists from Chile, the United States and Brazil. The data were presented at conferences in Punta Arenas, Chile in October 2009 and in Maine, the United States in May 2010.
Data from the World Nuclear Association indicates that in 1995 there was a marked increase in uranium production worldwide. The above mentioned study did not involve fingerprinting or source analysis of the uranium dust, consequently there is no evidence of an Australian source for the dust."

ABC News...baking the yellow cake: sensational icing, raw on the inside.

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