Saturday, September 25, 2010

End of Groupthink culture?

Does the resignation of Kerry O'Brien from the ABC's 7.30 Report herald the beginning of the end of ABC's Groupthink culture, or is it just a speed bump on ABC's path towards a total Groupthink monoculture?

As ABC's Code of Practice states: 3.4 "Content will be impartial. Editorial judgements will be based on news values. One perspective will not be unduly favoured over others.", perhaps we can expect a host from outside ABC's Groupthink mould to host the 7.30 Report next year?  Then again...


  1. Chris Uhlmann: married to ALP politician.
    Barry Cassidy: Hawke PR hack.
    Kerry O'Brien: Whitlam PR hack.
    Fran Bailey: ALP operative since the 1980s.
    Tony Jones: bias you can see a mile away.
    Virginia Hausegger: Member of Emily's List, childless femocrat embedded with the Canberra socialists

    Take your pick. Nothing will change other than where the apparatchiks sit when they interview each other about the socialist narrative.

    Why in the first place we need an ABC is the real question.

  2. Surely the unthinkable couldn't happen, could it? Could the retirement of Red Kerry see the re-emergence of Maxine McKew?


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