Friday, May 7, 2010

Update - Climate works for the ALP.

COMMENT: ABC have replied to our complaint  and posted a correction in relation to its story on a report by Climateworks (+1 to score).

Received 6 May, 2010

Thank you for your email regarding the ABC News online report Opposition rejects climate plan study.
The ABC acknowledges your concern with this report and accepts that it lacked  context by failing to note the political affiliations of the ClimateWorks Board.
An editor’s note has been attached to report, alerting the audience to the oversight.  The matter has also been posted on the ABC News online corrections page, which is available at the attached link, for your reference;
Yours sincerely
 Audience and Consumer Affairs

Wednesday, May 5 2010

ClimateWorks makeup

News Online
On March 16, in a story about a ClimateWorks Australia plan released to cut carbon emissions, the ABC did not provide enough context to indicate that key members of ClimateWorks are Labor Party members including the Chairman , John Thwaites who is the former Victorian ALP deputy state Premier. It also includes current sitting members Mark Dreyfus (Federal MP) and Sam Mostyn (a member of the New South Wales’ Premier’s Greenhouse Advisory Panel.

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