Friday, May 21, 2010

Malaria-climate link de-bunked: but will Auntie report

COMMENT: A new paper published in Nature titled "Climate change and the global malaria recession"  by Peter Gething et al. debunks the notion that climate change will result in an increase in Malaria. The study has been reported on by the BBC (Climate change is 'distraction' on malaria spread) and Science Mag (Malaria Probably Won't Get Worse With Warming Temperatures) and covered in blogs (Last word on Malaria).
But search on Malaria on the ABC and you find nothing but alarm in yesterday's news...
Study finds climate change, malaria spread link
Report outlines global warming health impact
75 million to flee climate change: report
Climate change biggest global health threat: Lancet

And ABC considers its coverage is comprehensive!

A5ABC News online provides comprehensive coverage of climate related issues, from a broad range of perspectives over time.  

It's not like ABC haven't had an interest in Malaria recently. 
Reported yesterday..."Sweep yields leads for new malaria drugs". Covering recent studies published in Nature. Odd how Gething's paper gets passed over, when ABC apparently had its nose deep into Nature articles on Malaria.  

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