Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Missing News: ABC receives Gold Walkley for climate change reporting

COMMENT: "ABC's comprehensive coverage of the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change held in Chicago, Illinois was awarded the prestigious Gold Walkley, considered the pinnacle of journalistic achievement in Australia akin only to the esteemed Pulitzer Prizes. ABC's in depth coverage, highlighting natural climate change as the dominant factor responsible for 20th century global warming, was instrumental in re-framing the Australian government's response to climate change." 
Yarra Times 30 February 2011.

Meanwhile, in the real world, this important international conference featuring a number of highly credentialed  Australian Scientists passes without comment by the ABC, despite considerable pubic interest in the subject of climate change. We have requested ABC send one of its US correspondents to Chicago to cover the event.
ABC: your GROUPTHINK network.

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