Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Training needs identified

COMMENT: In a speech to the panel discussion ‘Self regulation and the Media’ at the Journalism Education Association Conference held in Perth on the first of December last year Paul Chadwick, ABC's Director of Editorial Policies, outlined some opportunities for Universities to develop training courses for ABC journalists.

"My second and separate aim is to extend an invitation to those who teach journalism in tertiary institutions  to consider forming partnerships with the ABC as it renews its commitment to providing its staff with more and better online training opportunities about editorial standards."
The proposed subject matter included the following topics.
Subject matter
I invite you to submit proposals to make a module dealing with any one of the following issues:
1. Conflicts of interest in media (such as promoting biased opinion pieces, or stories by ABC personalities promoting their own books?)
2. Uses of deception in journalism (to avoid producing biased climate time lines perhaps?)
3. Reporting self-harm (or not reporting on it, as was the case of the missing story about damning comments made by a certain British climate scientist?)
4. Distinguishing fact and fiction in factual drama. (Factual Drama? Such as dodgy reports about Polar bear Cannibalism?)

Seems we are not the only ones to identify problems with ABC's reporting standards, perhaps Chris Masters could hold a masterclass?

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