Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's time the national broadcaster started breaking stories

COMMENT: We concur with today's editorial in The Australian that captures much that is currently wrong with ABC's news service. ABC's pervasive Groupthink culture is another factor affecting the quality of ABC's news coverage, particularly on climate change which appears heavily biased by the opinions of ABC journalists.

Mark Scott must put news on top of the ABC agenda

It's time the national broadcaster started breaking stories
HERE'S an idea for ABC managing director Mark Scott as he talks up his soon-to-start 24-hour TV news channel: use it for news.  Not commentary from ABC journalists who think their opinions on issues and events are news. Not recycled reports that have already appeared on the corporation's radio stations or web sites. Not lifestyle fluff or PR puff promoting ABC magazines or announcers' memoirs. Rather, the new station should live up to its name and run news. 
Read the rest at The Australian HERE

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