Sunday, May 9, 2010

Missing News - Study falsifies IPCC: Climate has low sensitivity to CO2

MISSING HEADLINE: "Spencer wins Nobel Prize: Climate has low sensitivity to CO2", or perhaps "Lone scientist trumps IPCC: Wins Nobel Prize"
ABC DID NOT REPORT: Dr Roy Spencer provides a brief summary of his recent work that demonstrates the climate has a low sensitivity to CO2, contrary to claims made by the IPCC. To top it off Dr Spencer shows how variation in cloud cover due to changes in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation can account for 75% of global warming since the 1880s. The implication is that there is no man made climate crisis!
Roy Spencer's work is summarised in his recent book The Great Global Warming Blunder based on a number of peer reviewed papers, the most recent  of which is:
Spencer, R. W., and W. D. Braswell "On the Diagnosis of Radiative Feedback in the Presence of Unknown Radiative Forcing J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1029/2009JD013371, in press. (accepted 12 April 2010)

THE COMPLAINT:  Climate modeler and IPCC author Prof. Andy Pitman has stated: "There is a Nobel Prize awaiting Carter [ed. that's Prof Bob Carter], or other skeptics, for that paper that buries global warming. There is world-wide acclaim, there is that Chair at Cambridge and the thanks of governments the world over. My question is why none of them have published this evidence - but of course the question is rhetorical ... because while every decent climate scientist looks for flaws in the data, the models and the theory we have not been able to find any ..." (click HERE for the full "conversation"). 

Seems that Dr Roy Spencer has found that evidence. Time to hand that Nobel Prize over, Andy!

We remain mystified as to how the ABC have missed reporting this significant development in climate science, one of such significance it could merit a Nobel Prize. The only reason appears to be bias against any evidence contrary to ABC's alarmist view on climate change. Please provide coverage of Dr Spencer's recent work.
OUTCOME: Pending
COMMENT:  I guess good news (ie. that there is no climate crisis) doesn't qualify as news at ABC.

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